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We were born as a result of many years experience as a therapist, trainer, supervisor, mentor and coach and the realisation that whilst many people want to make changes to, and improve their lives, one to one coaching or therapy is not for them.

We live in a world where distance need no longer be a barrier, where people can be offered help in so many different ways, that no on need be excluded.

Our courses, bootcamps, journals, books, card packs, mood trackers and subscription services are available to anyone and we work hard to ensure that we are accessible to pretty much any budget.

Our products are growing in number and in popularity as we work to offer affordable, genuine solutions to some of life's issues.  Not just to get through life, but to thrive and succeed, because life is full of options and opportunities and it is our mission to help more and more people create the life they want.

So take your first step today and sign up!





Owner, Mo2vate Magazine Inspirational Woman of the Year 2022 winner and Stand Up Survivor Global Ambassador.

Karen is the passion behind Lifetherapy UK Coaching.  As well as owing this growing business, she is a published author, podcaster, motivational speaker and coach.  Her waiting list of coaching clients is a testament to her popularity and we are excited to welcome her second book as our featured product as soon as it is released.

Now we aren't sure how she fits it all in, but Karen is also an Independent Arbonne Consultant with a growing team.

Karen can be contacted by using the Give Us a Shout form on our home page.



Health, Wellness & Fitness

This awesome woman is all about  fitness, nutrition, diet and health.

So if you need help with mindset, motivation, intolerance testing, diet, exercise and more, then please contact Alex via her website.



All Things Spiritual

Sandra is our go to person for all things spiritual.  She not only contributes to the content of our products, but she has her own very successful Reiki training courses, alongside offering Reiki atunements, healing, tarot courses, tarot and mediumist readings.

Sandra can be contacted through her Facebook page.

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Counselling, Meditation, Mindfulness & All Things Therapy

Hayley often works with Karen when it comes to all things therapy, but she is in a class of her own when it comes to meditation and mindfulness.

To find out more about her counselling and other services she offers, please contact her via her website.



 Administrator Extraordinaire

Mel has been with us from the beginning and we don't know what we would do without her! 

Mel keeps everyone organised and ensures that all our admin tasks are kept up to date, which she does with a smile.  

Mel can be contacted by using the Give Us a Shout form on our home page.