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Flying High

It's always interesting when you start a new business, will it work, do you know enough, can you learn all the new things you need to learn? Well there's definitely been times when I have wanted to throw my laptop out the window, although partly that's because it doesn't work as fast as me lol.

So a quick update on how we are doing so far.

We collaborated with 4 amazing tarot readers Tanya Short, Sandra Petchey, Chelle Da Voil and Rachel Bayford to create a truly beautiful planner, 'My Year of Tarot'. Sales have been doing very well, with each reader able to offer a £1 discount if you seek out a discount code from them.

We have added several new products to our site over the past week, and will be adding many more over the coming month, including a guide to Intuition, How to Create Empowering Life Goals, a guide to Divination, Meditation, Tarot and loads more.

We now have an affiliation programme, where you can earn money on any sales made through your recommendation. All you need to do is sign up and provided you are accepted, you can start marketing. Full details are on the Affiliation Programme page on our site.

We are also offering some low cost advertising space, where you can advertise your services within our products. Your service will need to be relevant to the product it appears in. Get in touch for more details and to arrange a chat.

We are offering a new service, a 5 page Wix website for those who are just starting up, or who want their first website. Get in touch to discuss your needs and for more details.

The coaching is going so well, I am about to start a waiting list!

That's about it for now.

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