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We currently offer counselling and integrated therapy service, although these will gradually be replaced by our coaching plans and programmes.

With over 20 years experience as a therapist, trainer, mentor and coach, I am able to help change the lives of the majority of people who work with me. The ones I can't help are those who never attend.



There are so many different types of therapy available that choosing just one and hoping that it is enough to work with the complexities of people, simply isn't enough.  This is why we offer an integrated therapy model.  This means that our clients get a combination of counselling, hypnotherapy, coaching. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, positive psychology, energy work and Law of Attraction coaching.
Why?  Because this way, every client we see gets a flexible and powerful combination of methods, all designed to give them the best help possible.
We do however still offer more traditional counselling for those who prefer this.
Consistency and commitment are the only ways to improve your life, which is why it is important to commit to therapy and be consistent in your attendance at your appointments. This is why we offer plans rather than one off or sporadic appointments.



Despite counselling being considered one of the most traditional methods of talking therapy, it does not mean that all counsellors are the same, or that they work in the same way.

Our relationship will be collaborative, there won't be hundreds of questions fired at you, or long drawn out silences.

Counselling can help with any number of issues, either to work through them, or to talk about things before they become a real issue. Counselling can be preventative as well as solution based.



Many business owners have a coach, accountant, social media person, HR Consultant and any other number of people to help them run their business.

What is often overlooked is the emotional side to running your own business, how your personal life can affect your business and how your work life can affect your home life.

Counselling doesn't mean waiting until there is an issue or a problem, it can simply be a safe space and time for you to discuss what is happening in your life, getting things off your chest, or even just taking time to talk about you, something that rarely happens, and whose benefits are seriously underrated.

As a business owner, I know how valuable this is. I understand the potential difficulties, challenges, time consuming, sometimes feeling very alone, or unable to switch off nature of running a business. I also know that you can't always take long periods of time off to visit a counsellor.



Sometimes when we decide we want to make a change, we want to jump straight in and spend time working on it. This can be exactly the same for counselling. Sometimes, one appointment a week isn't what people want, or need, which is why we have introduced our new Intensive Sessions.

You can choose from a 4 hour intense appointment or a full 8 hour day appointment.

These appointment are only available on a Saturday and Sunday.



Initial Consultation - this applies to both integrated therapy and counselling
Up to 60 minutes - £65


Integrated Therapy
50 Minute Plans

Plan 1 - 4  appointments - £240 

Plan 2 - 6 appointments - £345

Plan 3 - 8 therapy appointments - £440

Integrated Therapy
90 Minute Plans

Plan 1 - 4 appointments - £420

Plan 2 - 6 appointments - £585

Plan 3 - 8 appointments - £760

50 Minute Plans

Plan 1 - 6 appointments - £300

Plan 2 - 8  appointments - £380

Plan 3 - 12 appointments - £540

75 Minute Plans

Plan 1 - 6  appointments - £450

Plan 2 - 8 appointments - £570

Plan 3 - 12  appointments - £810

Counselling For Business Owners
Monthly Plans

4 x 30 minute appointments - £110

4 x 60 minute appointments - £205

Intensive Sessions

4 hours - £250. This includes a 15 minute break.

8 hours - £475. This includes a 30 minute break for lunch.

Tea, coffee and water will be provided.


Full details, including our terms, conditions and cancellation policy will be emailed to you once your initial consultation has been booked.  Or, you can request our client information pack at any time.  To do so, or if you have any questions, please email lifetherapy@hotmail.co.uk

We do reserve the right to edit, amend or remove any of the above services and offers.

The fees listed on this website are considered to be the most up to date and therefore will supersede any alternative fees found listed elsewhere.